Monday, March 26, 2012

Maxi Skirt Monday

Maxi Skirt

t shirt
striped skirt
wooden heels
Handcrafted jewelry
leather belt

Sometimes after the weekend, I just don't feel real inspired to get dressed, or to put on any clothing that doesn't give me grace from my overeating binge that weekend.  Cue the music... that's when I say maxi skirt to the rescue! 

This is a great maxi skirt. I love the lines, they're very figure flattering. The skirt works great for all ages, and  transitions well with the seasons.  Did I mention it's super comfy AND stylish?  By the way, you can always forgo the belt (if it's been a really bad weekend) and tuck the shirt in, either all the way, or with a half tuck.

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