Sunday, March 27, 2011

Your Colors

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?  What are your colors?  If I'm talking a foreign language, don't worry, you're not alone!  I'm talking about Seasonal Color Analysis, and I am a BIG fan.  Basically, seasonal color analysis is the concept that certain colors look better on you than others because of the undertones of your skin.  There are four categories arranged around the seasons and then three sub-categories within each season. 

When I had my colors done nine years ago it was really empowering for me.  I felt like it made shopping a lot easier, because it just eliminated a bunch of clothes I didn't even need to bother with, because they were the wrong colors for me.  As I told Greg, it was an investment because it saved me from a lot of bad future purchases, including clothes, make up and highlights!  It eliminated that dressing room discussion with myself of "Hmm, is this color good on me, does it wash me out, maybe with a little tan?" or the gasp when I say myself in a picture and looked totally washed out and yucky.

Personal Palette ( specializes in color analysis.  It's where I had my colors done, and where I send my friends and clients.  You get a nifty little color book to take home and carry in your purse so you'll always have your colors with you.  Just ask my friends, I never leave home without it (I'll be glad to show ya)!  They also go over make up, hair color, and skin care - it's fabulous.

If you've had your colors done, but don't know where to go from here, shoot me an email (  I'd love to help map out a plan to incorporate your colors into your wardrobe.  If you haven't had your colors done, no worries, I can still help! =)

So, what do you think?  Do you know what your colors are?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Fever

Well, I know it doesn't feel like it today, but spring has officially sprung, and I've got the fever, bad!  In honor of the first full day of spring I've posted some fun new outfit ideas for the season.  This first outfit includes the hot spring trends of white, lace and soft neutrals. 
The second outfit features additional  spring trends you'll see everywhere - florals, lots of bangles, and wedge sandals.  To complete the outfit you can never go wrong with a great mid-rise, dark wash, wide leg jean (lose 5 lbs. in an instant!). 
I also want to say a quick thanks for all the encouragement and support on this new venture of mine.  I'm having a blast helping people update their wardrobe, figure out their personal style, and get ready for special upcoming events!  Thanks again!

Spring Fever
Spring Fever by ksteenwyk featuring beaded jewelry

Spring Fever 2

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I love this prom/banquet dress from Kohl's!  It's so pretty, and classy, yet age appropriate.  The best part is that it's under $100.  Just put it together with a neutral shoe and purse (so you can reuse them next year), a pop of color with this super cute ring from Old Navy, bangles as in the picture and you're set to go!  I love this so much I'm thinking about buying it for Hope and just telling her she's all set for prom, in a few years. =)  If you need help getting ready for that special occassion, just give me a shout, I'd love to help bridge that gap between mom and daughter's vision for that special night.

Prom by ksteenwyk featuring daisy jewelry

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break!

Getting ready to head for warmer weather? Need some help going through your closet to figure out what to pack and what to pitch? Want to pick up a few new things to take along, but not sure what to get? How about every woman's worst nightmare - finding the perfect swimsuit? I know most of us would settle for something that's just not hideous. Email me at, I'd love to help get you and your wardrobe ready for your big trip.
Below are a few fun Spring Break swimsuit options, for all ages and body shapes. I love this fun, colorful tunic/cover up, and you can't foget the all important sun hat to protect your very pale skin from turning into a crispy critter.

Spring Break!
Spring Break! by ksteenwyk featuring cowboy hats

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Transition into Spring

I don't know about you, but I am so ready to pack away my winter boots, turtlenecks and heavy sweaters, in exchange for my spring wardrobe!  It may be awhile before we can wear short sleeves and capris, but the outfit below, is an example of a great transitional outfit.  A great neutral lightweight sweater (you could do cream or camel, if grey isn't your color) with some boyfriend jeans (again, substitute a great bootcut, or dark skinny jean, if you prefer) with some different accessory options.  You could also add a scarf instead, to bring in some color.  This is a great outfit, that can be done in any price point, with lots of neutral, reusable pieces.  If you'd love some more ideas about how to spruce up your wardrobe for spring email me at

Transition into Spring
Transition into Spring by ksteenwyk featuring bridal jewelry

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My New Adventure!

Ever feel like you're just not sure if an outfit looks good on you?

Would you like some help incorporating some of the new seasonal trends into your wardrobe?

Not sure how to dress you body type?

Unsure of what your personal style is?

Need some help picking out just the right outfit for that special occasion?

Are you above 40 but still dressing like your 20's?

Are you looking for a fresh start and wardrobe overhaul?

Do you think it costs a small fortune to stay stylish and up to date on the latest fashions?

If so, I'm here to help!  I love fashion, putting together outfits, and shopping and want it to be fun for everyone.  I'm a firm believer that true beauty comes from within, and because we are all created in the image of God, we are all a beautiful reflection of Him.  When you feel great about your outward appearance and style it can truly allow your personality and true beauty to shine in a fuller, more confident way.  And, the best news is that you don't have to possess a Hollywood budget to do it!  I will provide helpful tips on how to maintain your personal style, as well as stay current with fashion trends, without spending a lot of dough.

Services Offered
  • Wardrobe Consultation - we'll spend an hour or two going through your closet and I'll give you some suggestions on what to keep and what to part with, as well as ideas for some great additions.
  • Personal Shopping - spend a couple hours, or the whole day shopping together and picking out clothing that is just right for you.
  • Special Occasions - shopping together or a consult for the perfect outfit for that special occasion (i.e. wedding, vacation, work event, family picture)
  • Any combination of the above listings
  • My current hourly rate is $15/hr
  • Contact me at for more information or to schedule an appointment