Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Fresh

Summer Fresh

I love these pale yellow capris, a great neutral alternative to khakis, to freshen things up.  Feels like summer to me!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Service - Virtual Outfits!

I'm so excited to tell you about a new service I'm now offering!  If you like some of what you see here on the blog, I'm now offering personalized virtual outfits for my clients.  I recently experimented with this service for a client who wanted to do some personal shopping with me, but just couldn't find the time with her family's busy schedule.  She likes to shop online, so this solution was a perfect fit.

Here's how the virtual outfits work - I put together three or four outfits for you based upon the information you provide about yourself, your budget and lifestyle (it's even better if we've had a consult together and I can actually see your current wardrobe, coloring, and body shape).  The outfits can be as specific (work, weekend wear, vacation) or general as you like.  I will email you the link to view your outfits, including attachments to each individual piece and the cost of each.  You can then start purchasing, make some wish lists, look for coupons, wait for sales and free shipping - whatever you like.  Of course, the caveet is that it's a little hard for me to know if each individual piece will actually fit perfectly in real life, and of course you're trusting my judgment on what I pick out. You may not like everything I choose - or shall I say you wouldn't choose it for yourself, as I help you expand your horizons. :)

My hourly rate applies to this service, and it doesn't take me more than 2 hours, usually more like one hour.  FYI - my rate will be going up a little bit in September, in case you're thinking about calling me, but are procrastinating.  So, send me an email if you're interested, or have any other questions (kate@steenwykbuilders.com).  I'd love to put something together for you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What NOT to Wear

This would be what NOT to wear when you're going hiking in the snow at Rocky Mountain National Park!  Of course, if I had known I would be walking in snow, I would not have worn my Chacos!  It was 75 degrees and sunny, yet snow all around the lake - crazy.  Flip flops in the snow was definitely a first for me.

We had an absolute blast on our family vacation to Colorado and the Grand Canyon, but as Dorothy says, there's no place like home.  Now to put an end to that vacation mind set of eating! =)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Soap Box

Okay, so I'm getting up on my soap box for a minute.  This is for all of you that have said (or thought) "I would really like to have Kate's help but.... I'm too embarassed, I don't dare, I couldn't bear having someone see my closet or bedroom, or she might see what size clothes I wear...." you get the picture.  I hear this a lot through the grapevine, people who say they'd like my help, but are held back for various reasons.

In my opinion, hiring me to help you with your personal style or wardrobe is no different than hiring someone to help you decorate your home, or enlisting the help of a personal trainer or health/exercise program to help you get healthier, or an accountant to do your taxes.  We all have areas of talent and giftedness, and we all have areas in our lives that we need a little extra help.  So, instead of beating ourself up about the areas that we need help in (we're all pretty good at that already, ladies!) let's just ask for help and embrace it, and be okay with not being able to do it all, on our own. 

So, all that to say, I'm only here to help and encourage.  I take this business seriously and everything is confidential and completely professional.  Alright, enough said, I am now stepping down from my soap box.  =)