Friday, July 26, 2013

Mother/Daughter Beauty Bash Fun!

Here are a few pictures from our first Mother/Daughter Beauty Bash earlier this week, over at my house.  I posted these on my facebook page earlier in the week, but I know many of you readers are not fans of my page, so I thought I would share them here as well.  We had such a blast!  The girls may kill me for posting the pic of them with their beauty masks on, but it's just too cute to resist!  I don't have any pics of my section of the evening, but here are the girls getting some great skin care tips from Mary Kay Director, Tracey DeKraker.

Here's a pic of all the moms and their daughters. So beautiful, aren't they?!  I can't believe these girls are all starting 7th grade in a few weeks!  My daughter, Hope is wearing the white shirt and mint cropped jeans, in case you're wondering.  It's a good thing I'm wearing a wedge heel because she's just as tall as I am!

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