Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Moccasins

Untitled #90

Old Navy button down shirt
Bootcut jeans
Statement necklace
wool sweater

You know what they say, just wait long enough and it will come back in fashion!  There really is a lot of truth to that statement, although there always seems to be a little twist on the new version that makes the old guys look dated. 

I'm digging these moccasins way better than the old version we used to wear, with the red and white beads on the top.  Perfect for the snowless winter we're having!  You'll also notice how the statement necklace (I know you're shocked) can bring a lot of zing to this casual, but pulled together little ensemble.  Don't forget that other closet staple you often see on the blog, the multi faceted denim shirt. 

What are you hanging on to hoping it will come back in style?

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