Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mid Winter Doldrums

Mid Winter Neutrals

fair isle cardigan
check shirt
cropped pants
brown knee high boots
Boy, this time of winter it can be tough to get dressed.  Are you beginning to get tired of all the winter wear in your closet like I am?  I feel like I've worn it all a hundred times already and am sick of it.  That's when you need to get creative and think about wearing pieces differently, to help you get through the rest of this winter season.  Take for example this fair aisle cardigan.  Instead of pairing it with a white button down wear a different patterned shirt, still in the same color family, to spice it up.  Wear a casual gray pant instead of blue jeans. Pair them with brown boots for winter and loafers for spring.  Don't forget to change up your accessories as well, sometimes it's the little things that can make a whole outfit feel new again.

Do you need some help thinking outside of the box in your closet?  Pop me an email (kate@steenwykbuilders.com), I'd be glad to help you get through the winter closet doldrums!

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