Thursday, January 31, 2013

Warm Weather Getaway

Warm Weather Getaway

Cream dress
flat sandals
Canvas tote bag
fedora hat
Okay, let's pretend shall we?!  We're just returning from an afternoon by the pool sipping all things fruity and delicious.  Time to get showered up, throw on a fun little chevron sundress and do some shopping or sight seeing in the quaint village. How about a walk down the beach to the local restaurant for some appetizers or ice cream. Oh wait, the best one yet, we're hopping in the jeep to cruise along the coastline with our hair blowing in the wind (just a little because of our cool fedora) and the sun in our face.  

And.......just like that we're back to reality.  Well, it was nice while it lasted.  I hope you actually are heading off to some place warm where you can make use of this adorable outfit!  If not, stay warm and daydream about it instead, like me!

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